Resto Tables

Effortless Booking

Manage all your bookings and table’s with our easy to you use booking system

Take Control of Your Table Bookings

Say goodbye to the frustration of missed calls and no-shows. Resto Tables allows guests to easily book tables directly through your website, 24/7. Guests can seamlessly book tables, modify reservations, and even secure their spot with a deposit (yes, deposits!) all within the Resto Tables software.

Effortlessly manage reservations

Forget the revolution talk, let’s talk results. Resto Tables isn’t just another reservation system – it’s an intelligent tool designed to simplify your life and maximize your restaurant’s potential.

Our advanced system tackles the tedious tasks you hate with powerful automation. Say goodbye to manual booking processes, endless phone calls, and error-prone spreadsheets.


Integrated into your existing website


If desired, including your own website

Main functions

Optimize your reservation experience with advanced, easy-to-use features.

Online booking

Bookings anytime, anywhere, with integration into your website.

Table management

Maximize your capacity through flexible management.

Deposit Payments

Secure your bookings & events with deposit payments

Shifts & Events

Multiple shifts available and Events

Customer management

Manage existing customers and create new ones.

Reports and analysis

Gain valuable insights through detailed reports.

Restaurants & Cafés that grow with us